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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate?
Allied Welding Schools is geared toward “at-risk” youth. Designed to help reduce crime, we offer an alternative to a lifestyle of gangs, drugs or violence by training them to be employable. Through our course, they can become the working class, the backbone of our society, and earn a livable wage. We also offer this program to repeat offenders or other adults who need a “leg-up.” Again, by teaching a skill, we help people return to society as wage earners with a high standard work ethic.

Allied VTC WelderWhat does the course cover?
The course includes 60 hours of in-class theory, through books and videos, as well as 400 hours of hands-on training. Skills and material covered include:
  •   Shielded metal arc welding
  •   Gas metal arc welding
  •   Acetylene welding (gas or oxy-fuel welding)
  •   Torch cutting
  •   Stick welding
  •   Plasma arc cutting
  •   Equipment safety and maintenance
  •   OSHA safety standards

Where does training take place?
All theory and hands-on training take place at our state of art facility.  A classroom is provided for theory learning, and a hands-on shop to perform and practice in, which is stocked with high quality Lincoln Welders and Miller Welding Equipment.

Allied VTC WelderWhat are the benefits of this particular program?
Allied Welding Schools not only trains and prepares individuals to become certified welders, but also emphasizes work ethic and personal character. We strive to make our students employable and the best of employees. We assist students in obtaining a GED, TWIC card, and/or BAT (Bay Area Training) card, in order to fulfill the requirements for state licensure for employment. We also offer drug and alcohol counseling to those who might need it.

What can students look forward to after completion of the program?
Students who finish this course will be equipped with the information and training necessary for the state certification exam. They will then be tax-paying, productive members of society.

What does the program cost?
The cost for the course includes tuition, books, materials, and access to a great professional team eager to help each student succeed. The total cost per student is $6,000. Although our goal is to offer this program for free, because of the cost it takes to run it, we need outside contributions to make this dream a reality.   A tax-deductible donation will help to give “at-risk” youth a chance for a better future. All content © 2009 - 2016 Allied Welding Schools, Inc.